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1. If you want to solve the cube, make each face of the cube has the same color on the facelets of all the nine small cubies. Drag mouse from outside the cube to rotate the cube. Drag mouse from inside the cube to twist the cube by exact 90 degrees. Thus you can practice and solve the cube yourself.
2. However, you can watch and learn the Denny Dedmore solution by clicking the leftmost button or by keying in Enter or Alt-A. because the cube solves itself according to Denny Dedmore solution. Denny Dedmore solution is the easiest solution to study and learn among the cube solutions. When the cube fixes itself, the brightened small cubies are the target cubies which the cube is fixing at the time. Scramble the cube to prevent it from solving itself if you want to.
3. And you can study Denny Dedmore solution step by step by clicking the middle button, or by keying in Alt-O.
4. If you want to jumble the cube, press the rightmost button or key in Alt-J.
5. Space key will press the button which has the focus. The Focus can be changed by Tab key or Shift-Tab key forth and backward respectively.