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1. If you want to solve a sliding number puzzle, arrange the numbers in the order such as 1, 2, 3, ... You may use arrow keys as well as mouse. Only the square next to blank can be moved. Yellow squares are the squares in the right place.
2. If you want to learn to solve the puzzle, click the leftmost button or key in Enter or Alt-A to watch the puzzle fix itself automatically. When the puzzle fixes itself, a red square is the target square which the puzzle is fixing at the time.
3. If you want to learn to solve the puzzle step by step, click the middle button or key in Alt-O.. If you click the button once, the puzzle shows one step. If you click the button once more, the puzzle shows one more step.
4. If you want to shuffle the puzzle randomly, click the rightmost button or key in Alt-J. This puzzle doesn't shuffle into unsolvable ones, which is often the case in the net.
5. If you want to enjoy more challenging 5*5 sliding number puzzles, click here.
6. Space key will press the button which has the focus. The Focus can be changed by Tab key or Shift-Tab key forth and backward respectively.